All parents want the very best for their children and they want to see their children be successful, happy, competent and confident. However, parents sometimes worry that their children may not be achieving all they are capable of, that they won’t try new things, that they give up too easily, or that they are held back by perfectionism. In this short talk, Elaine Halligan explores the concept of growth mindset and looks at ways of motivating our children to do their best. She shows how ideas such as grit, resilience and perseverance can become a reality using the power of our words to influence our children’s mindset.


Elaine Halligan, Director of The Parent Practice

As a parenting specialist and Director of The Parent Practice with over ten years experience, Elaine helps parents raise competent and confident children, through parenting classes, private coaching & keynote speaking in schools. She also delivers seminars to working parents in the corporate world, helping them find the holy grail of parenting, keeping calm!

She faced the challenge of parenting her son, who had undiagnosed learning difficulties & at age seven, had been excluded from three schools. He experienced failure at a young age and was written off in society. However through the use of life changing positive parenting skills, her  son’s self worth improved & he finished his schooling as Head Boy. He is now an intrepid entrepreneur with resilience, grit & an ability to bounce back in the face of adversity. Her mission is to impart her knowledge to other parents, to ensure their ‘different’ or ‘difficult’ children survive and thrive in their educational years and beyond.

She trained initially with The New Learning Centre in North London, then as an Effective Parenting Educator with Bonnie Harris, has accessed Neuro Linguistic Programming & done couples therapy work with the Gottman Institute. 

She regularly appears on SKY news, speaks on BBC radio & is quoted in the broadsheet press. In June 2016 her and her  business partner were featured in the Mail on Sunday ‘You’ magazine as two of the leading parenting experts in the UK. She  contributes monthly to Smallish magazine & is the author of My Child’s Different which is due for publication August 2018

In her leisure time, she’s found on the golf course, often in Scotland, trying to compete ( in a healthy way) with her single handicapper daughter and visiting hospitals and care homes with her therapy dog Bonnie.

Elaine Halligan

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