us college

More and more students are applying to the U.S. for university every year. Multiple fields of study are available, and seemingly endless extracurricular activities, not to mention colossal endowments. This talk will give an overview of what is available in America, and how to get your head around the lengthy application process, which focuses less on exams and contains more writing, to name a few key differences.


james higgins

James Higgins is Director of University Admissions at Bonas MacFarlane. He has led the University Team at Bonas MacFarlane for the last two year after joining from his role as Head of Y10 and 11 and Head of Department as secondary school in South East London. James specialises in guiding parents and students through UK and US applications, using his knowledge as a former teacher to support them to carefully balance their priorities through the crucial final years of their education. His small team consists of US consultancy specialists, UK university consultants and admissions and interview preparation specialists.

Erica Sin

Erica Sin is a Los Angeles native who graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience in standardised testing, she now serves as Director of Tutoring at ArborBridge, a firm specialising in one-on-one, online tutoring for US standardised exams. Erica works with families from around the world to develop customised preparation plans for students of all educational and cultural backgrounds.


Nico Casasanto

Nico Casasanto is a US university admissions adviser, helping students to navigate the uniquely different world of American college applications. With his insight into the US system – in terms of both what it has to offer students and what students need to do to stand out in their applications – Nico has helped countless applicants earn acceptances to top US universities. Originally from Chicago, Nico graduated from Yale University in 2012 before moving to the UK, where he has been teaching science in some of Britain’s best independent schools.


The full 2019 timetable will be published on Tuesday 8 October.