From toys to timetables - get insight into the transition from nursery to school. Transitions can be tough and it is equally difficult to decide on which route, school and strategy is right for you and your family. Registrations on the day of birth and other short stories. 


Jeremy Banks

Jeremy Banks was educated at an all boys prep school in Nottingham before boarding at Uppingham in the late 1980s. Having read Geography and Education at the University of Warwick, Jeremy was appointed to the post of Geography, Maths and Games teacher at Dulwich Prep, London. In his 10 year career in Dulwich, Jeremy was first Assistant Director of Studies for four years, then Housemaster for a further four years. Jeremy became Deputy Head of Beachborough School in 2006 and then Headmaster of the same school in 2013.

In his time at Beachborough the school roll grew to record numbers, the record for senior school scholarship was broken every year he was Head and the school acquired national recognition for its work on pupil wellbeing and Growth Mindset. Jeremy completed a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in 2010 for which he received a Distinction. As a serving member of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) he is currently Chairman of the Education Committee and member of the organisation’s Council.

Jeremy is married to Sophie, a serving prep school Head in her own right, and they have three daughters who keep him busy. When time allows, Jeremy can be seen running through Burnham Beeches in an effort to get his 5k time below 19 minutes. Jeremy has said that it has been a tremendous honour to be appointed to the Headship of Caldicott (April 2018) and he very much looks forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Susan Hanage

Susan Hanage is the founder of NappyValleyNet (NVN), an online SW London mums’ community. Launched in 2009 the site now receives over 50k visits, each and every month.

Prior to launching NVN Susan spent many successful years working in magazine and digital publishing on titles as diverse at Stuff, MacUser, Shape and What Hi-Fi.

Every day NVN helps users choose schools, recruit nannies, recommend builders, find holidays and still find time for relationship advice and a gossip. Questions and discussions on schools remains one of our most popular topics, so much so, that in 2015 we launched our very own annual schools guide, which is now in its third edition.

A South-West London mum herself, Susan has two children who have been through the independent school system, with her son in the lower sixth of a London day school and her daughter in year 10 of another. 

Jenny Mackay

Jenny Mackay, Headmistress, Hawkesdown House

Jenny Mackay joined Hawkesdown House School in April 2017, with a degree in Education from Oxford. She has extensive experience of the best education in Britain, at some of London’s most highly sought after and outstanding schools, such as The Lady Eleanor Holles School and Dulwich College. She is thrilled to be part of the happy family at Hawkesdown House School, with a fantastic, dedicated staff and a wonderful collaborative approach to learning which ensures that the curriculum meets the needs of each and every child.

Anne-Marie Giffts-Walker

Anne-Marie Giffts-Walker, Head of Early Years, Hendon Preparatory School

Anne-Marie Giffts-Walker became Head of Early Years at Hendon Preparatory School in September 2017.  Anne-Marie has a degree in Early Years from The Open University. She has worked with children and families for the past 20 years in a range of professional roles.   Anne-Marie is a keen advocate for the benefits of outdoor learning.   For Anne-Marie free time is spent at theatre and contemporary dance shows.

The full 2019 timetable will be published on Tuesday 8 October.